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Welcome to Hyperneon Cluster

Hyperneon Cluster is a Freelancer mod and the server that runs it. It is an anarchy server, meaning that there are no rules whatsoever. The mod has 300 additional ships from very light fighters up to heavy destroyers, all balanced with our proprietary balancing software.

There are hundreds of new bases, new weapons, armour, shields and other devices. There are also hyperspace expressways to make travel and trade quicker. In addition there are highly profitable trade routes and custom trade goods.

Clans and factions are very welcome and may purchase bases, wage war and take bases from other clans/factions via military campaigns. This is a role-playing and player-versus-player server.

Everyone is welcome. Try it out today. We are open 24/7.

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If you would like to help the server grow rapidly, check out this hint. If you would like to double your fun, try out these suggestions. Don't forget, weapons dealers have weapons and equipment you can't find anywhere else. So, take a look at this list and have a chat with your local weapons dealer today.


Important Notice - Please Read!!!

If you have Windows 7® or above, you must switch UAC off, before trying to install the Hyperneon Cluster Mod. UAC interferes with the normal operation of the Mod Manager and can even prevent a manual installation from working. What is more, in the latter case, UAC doesn't even notify you that it hasn't copied all your files. So please, turn UAC off.

If you are having problems, try the FAQ or contact support.

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